The union of associations CECF

The associations “Building Together How To Make” (CECF) organize solidarity internships

The principle is simple: the animators are volunteers and the internships revenues are allocated to humanitarian work.


This concept was born in Auterive in 2007, and since it scatters across France. CECF has put into practice an innovative concept called “solidarity training” that combines knowledge exchange and social solidarity.

The objective of the Union CECF is to help develop a network of affiliated associations CECF.

The CECF exist in the departments 09, 31, 66, 75, 92, 95. Other structures are being developed in other departments.

Non exhaustive list of internships proposed: Wall decoration, Electricity bases, Automation, Mosaic, Plumbing, Tiling, Wallpapering, Organic gardening, Jars implementation, Carve of fruit trees, Pastry…

The key concept of our association is based on 3 pillars

The animators / trainers

Interns / participants

The humanitarian artworks

The CECF concept details

The CECF solidarity space works on a win-win scheme, and that is his strength. There are many advantages to enter the CECF solidarity space:

  • The volunteer shares and transmits his knowledge. For retirees, this keeps an activity, maintains a social link and exchange with other générations.
  •  The intern is initiated to techniques; he can ask questions and meet other people who share the same passion.

The intern gets tips for an economic price (20 euros for half a day). The trainer and the trainees practice a solidarity act. Everyone contributes directly to humanitarian actions.

Revenue distribution:

for the national humanitarian help

for international humanitarian help

humanitarian organizations are funded

En savoir plus

The funds raised through the contribution of the trainees are then donated to national and international charities. Everyone is integral. The volunteer facilitator transmits his knowledge and the intern pays to receive a skill.

So with recipes courses, we support humanitarian actions since 2007.

The CECF concept requires that the budget surplus from paid internships is donated to local humanitarian artworks, according to national and international distribution described in the Humanitarian page.

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